About Us

Born in the northeast, I grew up with an appreciation of hockey. Having played mainly junior inline hockey, I continued playing up until high school, with the occasional chance to play on ice. While attending university in the United Kingdom, I was the starting goaltender for our team throughout the entire four year degree.

On a collecting standpoint, I grew up as a collector of trading cards and collectible stamps. The trading cards consisted of most sports and Pokemon cards though hockey was always a main focus. My favorite players, still to this day, were Patrick Roy, Mark Messier, Mario Lemieux, and Mike Richter. I was a big supporter of the Colorado Avalanche.

Although, as a young man around 12, my finances were limited. I had decided to sell my entire sports collection for around $300.00 - mind you, at that age, this was serious money. I had decided to invest that money into buying more collectible stamps. Fortunately, it was the start of a successful venture towards something I still do to this day very seriously and professionally.

Flashforward a couple decades, when I was in my early 20s, I moved with my wife to Dallas, TX (where I still reside). I became a huge Dallas Stars fan - full package of season tickets, team events, and so on. Even my two children are avid fans - both of which having "Stars" as one of their first words (my wife debates whether my daughter first said "Stars" or "Dad").

This naturally led to me wanting all the players autographs. I began remembering my time as a kid collecting cards and next thing you know, I was hooked again. Selling cards began mainly as a way to finance my personal collection (and it still does).

Nowadays, I am a serious collector of Miro Heiskanen autos on cards, Patrick Roy, among a few other smaller projects. I try to support my local team in particular by carrying a large "stock" of material. The emphasis on "stock" is that I view my entire stock as a collection of sorts, allowing it to be sold to go into better suited collections such as yours.

With over 11,000 items sold on eBay and over 6,000 feedback, I have decided to migrate to my own website. I will continue to operate both - but with ever increasing fees on the seller's end, I figured a new venture was needed.

Thanks for reading the rambling and look forward to working with you in building your collection!